Do you ever wonder about the amount of time it takes your housekeeping and maintenance staff members to complete a task? Do you wish you had a tool or some sort of system that could tell you?

Managing how much time your staff takes to complete a task can make you feel like you’re being held hostage to your employee’s lack of productivity. That’s why; good time management is one of the many important keys to achieving success in the hotel business. Not only does it affect the overall operation of the hotel, it impacts every detail that goes into making your guest experience a memorable one.

During a recent presentation of Cleaning Management Systems (CMS), one attendee stated that he gives his housekeeping staff members the same amount of time to complete both check outs and stay overs. “I want to make sure that they have time to do it right.” As stated by the attendee. A statement that many of the other attendees probably [silently] agreed with.

I thought, very quickly [to myself] that if you give them the time—most will take the time, when they could probably accomplish the same task in half the time initially allowed. You see, the hotelier that wants to become more efficient in their daily operation will be the one that measures and manages time. But! Who has time to do it? So we live with—“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Cleaning Management Systems does exactly what you don’t think you have time for. Your
housekeeping staff provides you with all of the information needed to measure and track their time and productivity simply by clicking start and finish.

The system also provides a great source of time management tools and reports that will allow you see just how much time your staff takes to complete their assignments on a daily basis—allowing you to make conscious, time management decisions. Each time one of your staff members starts and ends a task, it is logged electronically; time stamping and documenting the total time spent on any given room or maintenance project.

Not only does CMS track total time spent, the system analyzes the last 15 “Full Clean”  room assignments, “Refresh” room assignments and “Between Room Time” stats of each  housekeeper– the built-in time management tool will allow you to make intelligent decisions about your staff and the operation of your hotel. Such as, ‘what could be hindering your employees from working as efficiently as possible in their efforts to get things done?’

In-fact, one property manager [using CMS] found that many of his housekeepers “between room” times were excessively long and had initially thought that they were just standing around.  However–upon further investigation, he found that their excessive times were a result of having to go from floor to floor for sheets, towels, etc. because of inadequately stocked store rooms.

You also have the capability to generate and print reports that can be used to train, retrain, and or even counsel employees regarding their time and productivity. Cleaning Management Solutions—the convenient way to manage your staff, their productivity, their time, and your dime.