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PMS Integrations

We pride ourselves in our ability to integrate with many of the top Property Management Systems

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MOP is fully capable of interfacing with any PMS system using the HTNG Express API.

Features That Our Customers Love

Works on any Wifi Compatible Device

You have options when utilizing the MOP system. Sign into MOP using any internet or Wi-Fi compatible device (iOS, Android, tablets and computers), and you’ll have access to our platform from wherever you are.

Employee Safety Device (Panic Button)

Right from their handheld device, your staff will be able to access the Panic button from whatever screen that they might be viewing when working.

The app immediately activates device camera, sends out alerts to all staff members, and sends automated calls to preset list.

Automated Task Management

Your staff will love their new found power of knowing exactly what they are suppose to do—in real time. Everything in the palm of your hand, and no wasted paper!

Data Analytics & Insight

Our site specific and regional reports provide you with information and analytical tools that will help you manage staff and operate more efficiently.

Guest Interaction (gi) Texting System

Create guest loyalty by allowing your guests to connect and stay connected to your hotel through text messaging. Guest Interaction is fully integrated with MOP.

Housekeeping & Maintenance

Room attendants are able to report maintenance items found during the cleaning process—right from their hand held devices. Missing items, lost and found, smoking in room, broken or damaged items—all can be reported with just a few clicks of a button. MOP makes it quick and easy to enter maintenance issues while cleaning and inspecting rooms or while walking the property.

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