As good as Clean Management Systems (CMS) is, it can get better, and that’s what LodgingControls, Inc. prides itself on doing . . . getting better. However, we realize that some of the best system revisions don’t always come from with-in. Our clients use our system every day–so it only makes sense to listen to them. We work with our clients to improve our product in an effort to create a system worthy of our their praise. Here are some of the suggestions that our clients requested–and we listened.

Our new freeze pane view allow users to easily navigate around the site with ease, without having to return to the home screen for further options.

With the addition of the “Created By” and “Created Date and Time,” sections, users are now able to identify who created an event and what time that event was entered.

With the new all rooms update page, you are able to make room status changes quickly and with ease.